Hello, recently I had to restore a client's iPhone and I downloaded the restore file just before leaving for her house, she has the chepo DLS service and its slooow. I quickly downloaded it at work and did a Time Machine backup so it would get copied over and took the TM drive with me.

I plug my drive into her computer to browse to the Users\-user-\Library\iTunes\ folder to get the image from there... but it wasn't there, not only that but NONE of the iPhone and iPod restore images that have been collecting for some time now were not there!

I logged into my machine remotely to check if in fact the files were there and of course they were there.

Is this normal that these two folders are not synced with TM? Any other folders are never synced over?

A 15 minute thing turned out taking me more than I hour because of the big 165meg download.