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    Angry Unable to open Preview or iTunes
    Hi, this is my first post so I hope this makes sense.

    I have an iBook G4, using 10.4.9. Recently, I downloaded iCombiner to merge together image files into one. This all went well and worked perfectly. I shut down my computer, all happy and content.

    When I turned it back on however, I was unable to open Preview or iTunes. Both came up with the message 'You cannot use the application ""/"" with this version of Mac OS X'. Internet Connect lost its saved configuration, the spotlight icon in the top right bar disappeared, all mp3 files have defaulted to Quicktime files and all images have defaulted to Photoshop files...

    I haven't done anything out of the ordinary- no recent software updates or anything like that .

    What on earth did I do??? I'd greatly appreciate any help.

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    I'm not sure, but my advice would be to update to the latest version of 10.4 through Software Update. I believe they're on 10.4.11?
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