Hey I remember some classic games I played in the 90's on my classic Mac. I want to play them again, however I don't remember the names of some of them, and I don't know if they are able for download or on a disc. Here's some descriptions of the games I remember:

The first one was of a stick-figure who would walk around a spacestation. The spacestation was a series of floors, ceilings, ladders, etc. I thought it was called "Spacestation Beta," but searches for that have been unsuccessful for me.

Another game was of an action-figure looking guy who would move around levels (I remember one level was a zoo). I thought that his name was sam or something, but I'm not sure.

The last game consisted of hovercraft looking things, that would play some futuristic ball game, where a craft would grab a ball, and drop it in a hole, to gain points for the team. The levels had several random geometric shapes, and I remember that one of the rival teams was "Knights of the Apocalypse."

If anyone can help me remember and find these games, that would be greatly appreciated.