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Thread: Sync FF/Safari with eachother...???

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    Sync FF/Safari with eachother...???
    Here it is... I use both on a constant basis, and get in the bad habbit of saving different bookmarks in each program.

    I have bookmark folders in each that are the same, "Random" "Apple", etc.

    Is there a way to sync these between the browsers? its so annoying because ill use safari for a bit, and realize a bookmark i want is in FF, vice versa...


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    Bookdog ( will do what you want and do it easily. Among other things, I use it to keep my bookmarks for Firefox looking exactly like those of Safari. Check out the attached pics. One shows the pane for copying everything from one browser to another. The other attachment shows the results: my bookmarks menu bar on Safari looks like the one for Firefox. There are other things it can do that I haven't used.

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