I noticed yesterday when getting Entourage 2008 up and running on my MacBook Pro, that after syncing existing messages and folders from the company's Exchange Server, that my Sent folder items which were originally sent from my Treo 750 mobile are showing up as "No Subject" and are displaying all the "code" ( think it's HTML ). It is very difficult to read through the code to try to find the actual dialog from the message.

Strange thing is that any messages that I responded to, from the TREO, that were authored as plain text, show up fine with subject and no code. Also, if the messages were in HTML originally, and I responded from my TREO, they also show up fine. Messages that I received from people with Blackberries also read fine, just look like plain text.

Has anyone had occur? BTW, none of this shows up as a problem in Office 2007 on my Parallels VISTA Business side. It almost seems like the problem is in the information that my Windows Mobile 6 loaded Treo 750 is sending. Thoughts anyone??

Office 2008 was loaded to keep me in the OSX side while working on CAD and Final Cut Pro without having to start up Parallels ( for those that might ask! )