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    Need Mac Help (Please, I'm desperate...)
    I have a project which I have been attempting to put on dvd using iDVD, it goes on fine, but no matter what I do, the title sequence goes strobe like for about 3-5 seconds.

    I've tried moving around the sequence in final cut; it still does it. Unfortunately I cannot edit the title sequence properly as to do that I need the original font; BlairMdITC TT. Which has vanished from my Mac. Without that font I cannot edit the title sequence around so that it might stop it from strobing. (The title sequence is heavily animated and would take days to redo in a different font, that and Blair is perfect (The sequence is definitely properly rendered)).

    (Oh, and I can't find that font Blair in any other application, final cut, livetype, text edit, Iworks, Word for mac etc, but for SOME reason it is selectable in iDVD. It is not in any of my other font locations and I have scoured my entire Mac trying to find where iDVD fonts are kept, but no luck.)

    I have looked through all my install disks but cannot find where to reinstall iDVD. I have reinstalled both Final Cut and Livetype, both have not changed anything, nor shown me where that Blair font is. I have tried every variation I can think of short of to stop that 3-5 second strobing but nothing has worked. It doesn't strobe in the file version of the film, just when I put it on DVD.

    Any ideas? I am really desperate for answers here and would greatly appreciate any input, I have been pulling my hair out over this for a while now, and fear that if I don't solve this soon I may kill myself.

    Thanks for any feedback, ask if you need anymore info.

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    If you would PM me an addy, I will email it to you.

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