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    safari help - dumb newbie question
    Hello Gurus
    I'm a longtime PC/linux/unix user (ex EE,- read not technically inept) performing phone support for a friend 1000 miles away who is running safari on mac osx v10.5

    Somehow what I think she has done is either deleted the icon or the link attached to the icon for safari from the desktop - she says that the icon is still there but has a question mark over it?? - can someone tell me how she can fix this?

    Thanks for any help...

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    If she accidently deleted Safari (not just the ICON but the program) it will have to be re-installed from her disk set that came with the Mac. An ICON with a question mark over it means it can't find the program. It's possible she may have somehow moved the Safari files, but that's unlikely. Tell her to re-install Safari from her disk set - or she can download it direct from Apple and install it that way.


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