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    Safari 4 Developer Preview
    Guys, along with the Snow Leopard annoucement, Apple has released a Developer Preview of Safari 4. One word: Fast!

    It pops open a new window not even completing one bounce on the dock (and I got an iMac Core Duo). Memory usage is greatly enhanced, although some reports say otherwise.

    Web Inspector: Remember that awesome web inspector in Safari 3? Well it has been revamped with this new release. Now you can dock it right onto your web page so you don't get mixed up, it is better organised.

    Web applications: You can create web applications much like Flock does, that is, if you want mac-forums as a separate application in your dock, now it is possible. This is good cause if the main Safari crashes, your web-app remains.

    New Tabs can open up your homepage: Earlier one couldn't make Safari open up a homepage or bookmark on a new tab. Now it is possible.

    All in all an excellent release, stable, and I don't see any reason why one shouldn't get it.

    You have to sign up for a free ADC membership and download it for Mac (Leopard or Tiger) or Windows.

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    I didn't realise there was so much different about Safari 4; I need to plunge its depths more! I think its best aspect is probably that it soaks up RAM a little more slowly than Safari 3, though. Still a hog compared to Firefox 3 RC2, but I can hope it improves some by release time.

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