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    iTunes - Query about the duplicates.
    Ok I've been searching all the threads for over an hour now and i yet seem a lil bit confused thus I am posting this query again.

    So all this while I did not realise that Itunes created a copy of the songs on it's own since my option in the advanced section of Preferances was checked.

    Just to clarify so if i delete all my songs i.e. the originals and not the organised ones created by itunes itself i will
    1. Increase more space which is nearly about 25Gb (since my Music folder is currently 50Gb)
    2. Yet have all my songs as they have been properly organised and converted and stored by Itunes?

    Thanks anyways.

    PS: Is this also the same for Iphoto?

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    your best bet, if you are getting confused is to use the consolidate iTunes library command, under the advanced menu. This will copy all the tracks in your library to a new folder of your choice. Then you can delete all the old folders (assuming you have the free space)

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