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    iPhoto Trash
    I have some pictures in the Trash folder of iPhoto. I tried moving them into the trash but it didn't work. How do I completely delete these photos? Thanks in advance!

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    in iPhoto, under, I think, the iPhoto button in the menu bar (not at the mac right now) choose empty trash.

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    Thanks! That was easy. They just disappeared. They didn't go into the regular trash. Where did they go? Just Wondering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dennis495 View Post
    They just disappeared. Where did they go? Just Wondering.
    As have I. Into the great unknown, the System just removes them. You'll note that the Delete from Trash action cannot be undone. BTW - you can empty Trash with R-click on the trash basket in iPhoto.

    If, like me, you prefer to know which photos were deleted, retained etc, you can do so outside of iPhoto by quitting it and then 2x-clicking the disk image that mounted on the desktop when you inserted either your camera card or the USB cable from your camera.

    In the window that opens you should see the folder (called DCIM or similar) containing the photos. You can then edit your pics with Preview or other photo application to your heart's content - and delete unwanted photos using the System Trash, not iPhoto.

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    I'm reading this thread on TRASH in iphoto hoping to find how to restore
    pictures that I mistakenly put in the TRASH bin. How can I RESTORE all the files in my TRASH in iphoto? Is there a REBUILD feature that I am suppose
    to use. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

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