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    Can bootcamp partitions of Windows share (Editable) files with OSX?
    Im starting to dive into the world of Web Design, Im 18, Ive been making crappy little websites with web-based WYSIWYG things since waaay back when Homestead had a free option. I moved on and Im now learning more complex web design and possibly making a future out of it, so far Ive made enough from small sites and stuff to get a MacBook Pro (4GB RAM, 2.5ghz, 17"). The problem I have is, I own Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 for Windows, but not Mac. I want to work on websites on my MacBook but Ill have to use Dreamweaver on a Bootcamp Windows XP install. I want to know if Ill be able to use Photoshop and whatnot to design and create images and use those files from the OSX Partition on my Windows Dreamweaver, and in turn save and edit those html files on my OSX Partition, through either directly opening across partitions (Doubt its possible) or a Thumbdrive, or similar?


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    It may be possible to transfer your Windows Dreamweaver license to a Mac one. Contact Adobe and see what they say. It could save you a ton of trouble of having to use Windows for a single program.

    But to answer your question, yes, you can share files between partitions. Just format the Windows side as FAT32 and you can browse through the Windows partition from the OS X side (to access the OS X partition in Windows, you'll need third party software). You can also use USB drives between the two.

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    I contacted Adobe when I decided to purchase the MacBook and they would not allow me to change the Platform because apparently if anyone installed Windows Dreamweaver with my CD Key, all they would have to do is block out the internet connection from Dreamweaver with a Firewall and the key would continue to work for the install =\

    Although, I wouldn't doubt this was just some lazy Customer Service guy, he had a *****y attitude the entire time I was on the line. Ill keep trying and see if I can get the Platform switch and use this in the mean time. Thanks.

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    Adobe will allow you to perform a cross-grade, or cross-platform upgrade, of your Adobe product, assuming it meets the upgrade qualifications and provided you send them a signed Letter of Software Destruction. The Letter of Destruction states that you agree to delete all copies of the product you are exchanging and also that you will not "sell, transfer, give away, donate, or otherwise distribute the exchanged Adobe product or copies to anyone else."

    You will still need to pay the upgrade cost, and you will need to conduct the purchase via telephone by calling Adobe Sales at 1-800-833-6687 (see for international numbers). The Letter of Software Destruction may be faxed, e-mailed, or snail-mailed to Adobe.

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