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    Organizing you passwords
    This is more of a productivity/organization question.

    I have a simple rich text file of about EVERY
    online website userid/password
    serial number for products
    family social security numbers and blood types
    credit cards and websites and phone info for those accounts
    email accounts
    billing accounts
    random web account numbers

    It's SOO much "login" or core sensitive password info collecting in a sloppy file for the past 4-6 years or so.

    How do you organize that?

    apps like "wallet" are cool and colorful, but might be cheesy, pluse the export feature is terribly unformatted (tab-delineated) and that's key b/c I need the passwords file accessible to iphone (ideally).

    I'm considering putting some of this info in address book, but that could get confusing. Basically, I'm trying to manage the best organization for this important document (maybe with a program, but probably not unless it exports to text extremely well).

    I think what I'll do is just credit a simple format alogorithm for each section like

    For credit cards.

    Hey better yet, maybe I could tinker with an ide and make a program that locks in info (like Wallet), bt links to Address book, and is perfectly exportable to iphone. Hey, awesome! But for now, I need to organize this information before taking on the massive projet of creating my first cocoa app (which is far down the road).

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    1Password gets my vote, been using it for ages and it's great.

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