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    Bootcamp questions from a New Mac User
    Well, not exactly a new user yet, but I plan to buy a MacBook Pro within the next 2-3 weeks.

    My question is, when you create partitions for bootcamp, are they deletable and editable? example:

    I plan to make 2 Bootcamp partitions, 1 for XP and 1 for Vista. If I make them both 5GB each (Just plan to do to try the whole bootcamp thing and give it all a test run, and test VMWare Fusion) but I decide it sucks, can I delete the Partitions to add the 10GB back to my Mac HDD? Also, if I decide that I actually enjoy it and would like to have either or both OSes as a permenant high use OS, can I expand them to say 25+ GB each? or do I have to delete them and recreate them? Im fine with the whole recreating (Since if Im dong a 5GB test run, Im sure I wont have anyhting important on the Partition anyways) but I was wondering if once I partitioned the 5GB, if it was permenant stuck as a lone 5GB separate from my Mac HDD until I did a whole HDD wipe and reinstalled OSX (As is the case with Windows I believe)


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    Well you can delete the partitions easily just witht he bootcamp..
    But you cannot expand then withrout deleting them and going through boot camp procedure again..
    Hope that makes sense to you.
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    In addition,

    - You'll need more than 5gb for Vista
    - Bootcamp will only create/delete/manage 1 partition.
    - if you want a triple booting system you'll need to do that manually rather than using bootcamp.

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