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    *BEST* Free Mac program for airbrushing photos???
    Hey guys so i used to use something called Kai Photo Soap. and despite all the negative reviews i found it incredibly user friendly and easy to use.

    it bsically let u have these little tool brushes and apply sharpening effect,softening,bright/dark etc. etc. as if u were really using those tools (paint brush, pencil, etc. et.c) and u could change the size of the brush accordingly

    i found it easier to use than photoshop..

    now that im on a mac this program isnt compatible with my computer....
    does anyone know where i can find a good user friendly program for mac that will let me airbrush photos??

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    If you really liked that program you can still run it within OS X

    The WINE project is able to run that program

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    Quote Originally Posted by louishen View Post
    If you really liked that program you can still run it within OS X

    The WINE project is able to run that program
    thanks! im sorry but this thing completely confuses me...would i click on the one for "windows" ? what is a binary???

    is it a singular program? or a bunch of random things i have to download together? and it says that i have to purchase "crossover" ? i am so there a way i can run that one program for free?

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    bump can someone pls simplify wine for me thanks

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    WINE = Windows Emulator. It is an API adapter layer that implements the Windows Win32 programming interface and translates it onto the programming interfaces of the host operating system. WINE for Mac OS X is basically a program that creates a Win32-like interface on Mac OS X, allowing many Windows programs to run directly under Mac OS X.

    The catch is that the Win32 (and related interfaces) have been under development since the early 1990s and are massive and in many cases poorly documented. So, WINE is an incomplete implementation of Win32. Not all Windows programs run successfully under WINE. For example, the most recent version of Photoshop that runs under WINE is Photoshop 7, the version which preceeds Photoshop CS (we are now up to CS3, so that is four versions ago).

    Hence there are compatibility lists. If your program of interest is on the WINE compatibility list, it has been tested and is known to work with WINE on Mac OS X.

    I haven't checked into this personally, but the above poster says that your program of interest is on the list, so it should run. The Windows version of it should run with WINE on Mac OS X.

    What is a "binary"? Basically a program. In DOS it was a .com file. In Windows it was/is a .exe file. In Mac OS X it is a .app file. The name "binary" comes from the early days of computing, when, believe it or not, some people could (and did) actually program in binary machine code vs. high level symbolic code (such as C++) as we do today. A "binary file" is usually a file that can be executed directly by the CPU of the machine in question (vs. a file that you have to compile first).

    Before someone else beats me to it (oh where oh where is MathOgre, I miss him so - he would be all over this! ) I do realize that the above is an oversimplification. In the end, all files are made up of binary ones and zeroes and so you could argue that ALL files are "binaries". However, as conventionally used, I believe I have laid out the normal semantic intent of the word "binary".
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    Quote Originally Posted by mac57 View Post
    WINE = Windows Emulator..
    Hey, wait a second! I thought WINE stood for Wine Is Not an Emulator?

    Seriously though, that program you supplied screen shots of reminds me of ArtRage. Although the full version is a pay-for product, they do have a limited version that is completely free. I'd check it out.
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