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    VMWare Fusion Problem
    I just purchased and installed VMWare Fusion. After going through the whole installation questionnaire thing, it prompts me to insert Windows disc. I put in Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition V.2002.

    The installation process just loops itself over and over. Is this due to the older version CD or am I doing something wrong?

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    Not a 100 % sure about VM Ware, but Boot Camp requires atleast XP SP2 to be able to install XP on Boot Camp..
    Have u checked VM Ware requirements?
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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Your XP home edition is not sp2.

    From VMWares site.

    Supported 32 bit guest operating systems.
    Windows XP (Professional SP2, Home Edition SP2)

    If you have a PC with a cd burner you could download sp2 and slipstream it into that build. The process is well documented, it's easy to find if you google "slipstream sp2"
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