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    Jun 07, 2008
    Disk utitliy not working
    I installed my OS x 10.4 totally fresh and updated everything, so everything should work well. However, I try to make a disk image from a cd with disk utility and the program keeps on quieting by itself after having the blue wheel for a while. Why is this?

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    either there is some corruption on the image, or maybe a permissions issue

    resolve the image corruption by letting the open source Burn app have a go at the image

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    Jun 07, 2008
    Thanks, I will try this program. Btw, I didn't make an image yet, I want to make one of my cd. I did also permissions repairs before and still have this Disk Utility problem.

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    Jun 07, 2008
    What I actually trying to do is making an image file from a mixed mode cd. The cd had data and audio tracks. I tried to make a good image file with Toast but it only contains the date, not the audio tracks. Maybe someone has suggestions how to do this? (I know that Toast has an option to make a mixed mode cd, but it doesn't work, I hoped that Disk utility could make one)

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    No, this is not working. Is there another way in making a mixed mode cd? I am talking about the old game Alone n the Dark 1. I have the original cd and try to run it on my mac with the hep of a dos emulator called Boxer. The game works well except that there is no music. Boxer cannot read the audio tracks. The maker of Boxer told me that if I would make an image file of the whole cd and mount this cd, I would hear the music as well. But... how to make an image file of a mixed mode cd?

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