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    May 26, 2008
    Need a good program for the thing i am doing

    I do pokemon fusions and recoloring, now i need a program that i can do it with and that is good.
    Does anyone know of such a program?

    Thank You

    p.s. If you know how to recolor/fusion ANYTHING with one of these two programs, then please tell me:

    Adobe Photoshop CS3
    GIMP (Don't like this program much, i can recolor and fusion on it, but it gets annoying and also it gets confusing)

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    Mar 04, 2008
    Photoshop is probably the best. I've also used a free program called Seashore. It's similar to GIMP, but doesn't need X11.

    It would be impossible to describe how do use Photoshop in a single forum post. I would suggest googling "photoshop tutorials", there are a bajillion tutorials and how tos out there.

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