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Thread: Msn for Mac- webcam and mic

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    Msn for Mac- webcam and mic
    Hey so im really new to the whole mac thing annnnd i just download microsoft messenger (i hope its the right one) annnd i dont know how to use the microphone or webcam. Can you even use the webcam with hotmail and msn? i have no idea. Help please!!

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    Microsoft's Messenger for Mac is severely behind the times. It does not support webcam. Supposedly, they are working on a version that will do so. Your option is aMSN. Adium, which many like more than MSN is a very good messenger program, and is also working on a version that will support audio and video.

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    Download AMSN as this allows you to use mic and webcam.
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    can one person have a webcam using aMSN and another using MSN and it will still work??

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    Yes it works I just tried it out.

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    eh? aMSN doesnt let you use mics :O since when has it ever let you use mics?

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