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Thread: Msn for Macs- questions

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    Jun 05, 2008
    Msn for Macs- questions
    Hey so im really new to the whole mac thing annnnd i just download microsoft messenger (i hope its the right one) annnd i dont know how to use the microphone or webcam. Can you even use the webcam with hotmail and msn? i have no idea. Help please!!

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    Hey Shortyrulesall,

    Welcome to the forums and to the Mac World

    For MSN, you are pretty much out of luck. The MSN Client for Mac from Microsoft is... Garbage simply put. It doesn't support Webcam or the Mic. I'd recommend using aMSN for the Webcam but last time I checked aMSN it was only Video no Audio, but they might have updated that, last time I messed around with it was over 3 months ago.

    Since I switched to Mac I've been using Skype a lot for all my Video Conferencing needs, easy, simple and of course Free.

    You might want to check out Adium as well for an alternative MSN client the interface on Adium is neat and you can use it for more than just MSN.



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    Jun 05, 2008
    haha wow. kay so aMSN (where would i get it?, im so lost) and if Adium supports normal msn then id do that although i dont really know how

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    there is a normal version of MSN for mac just type in msn for mac in google later you have Mercury Messenger that uses msn client and you can video chat and speak but i think that the new version of MSN for mac supports the video chat. and i n my opinion ADIUM and SKype is beter just try and adding MSN client on adium is really easy

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    I am new to the mac thing too, always favoured PCs. I have a brand new macbook pro and I wanna use the built in camera as webcam. Is that possible? Please help me!

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    MSN on a mac is not very clean for Webcam/Audio PERIOD.

    Mercury works for Webcam/Audio but it's a horrible client. Do a google search for "Mercury mac os x" and you'll find it.

    For Adium, again, use google.. "Adium download"

    Adium/Mercury are alternate clients that you can use to connect to msn. You must download and install them, then ask questions when/if? if you get stuck.

    As for using your webcam natively on the mac, use iChat. iChat supports AIM and .Mac/MobileME connections with Video/Audio flawlessly.

    I'm afraid if you want to use Video with MSN then you have to do some searching. This has been covered all over the place for a couple years. GOOGLE "Msn Video Chat Mac osx" and you'll find a plethora of information.

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