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    Broadcasting Internet Radio
    I'd like to dabble in doing some internet radio shows. I've been reading and researching for about a day and a half to try and find a Mac solution for broadcasting my own music over the net. So far I think I've been able to determine that:

    - SHOUTcast! doesn't seem to work with Mac OSX without editing code to applications etc. which is probably a little over my head as a recent switcher.

    - Nicecast does work but it's a $40 app

    - Live365 works but is $9 a month

    Ideally I was looking for something that I could embed in my Joomla! based web site but at this point I'm willing to settle for whatever is the best option for use with Mac OSX. I'm not opposed to buying an app or paying a monthly fee if it's worth it but I thought I would post here to see what you guys have to say. I've been pretty active posting questions here lately and everyone has been very helpful. I searched several older threads, most of which are a year old or more, and unfortunately didn't find any definitive info. Any Mac DJs out there who can share some wisdom? FYI I do use iTunes of course to manage my music.



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    I got the same questions...

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