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Thread: Web Browser Issues

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    Jun 05, 2008
    Web Browser Issues
    Hello all... i've had an issue for some time with web browsers on my MB. I initially encountered the problem with Safari and switched to Firefox. Whilst trying out Firefox 3 beta the problem seems to have returned.

    The problem is to do with loading images. It seems to happen on random sites, on some sites the images load fine but on others they don't. The ones that spring to mind are BBC News and Google Maps. I've taken screen shots of those sites and uploaded them here to show you.

    Any ideas?

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    Jun 05, 2008
    Exclamation fixed... i hope
    after a long friday night's research i finally found a solution... switch off my router's firewall.

    didn't seem to affect my housemate's mac though despite our (now) identical internet and browser settings ... strange

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