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Thread: Elements 6.0 on a G3 machine?

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    Elements 6.0 on a G3 machine?
    I originally posted this in the OS threads, and realized that it should probably have been here in applications........I have been a PC user in my business (photo-minilab), and wanted to try out MAC as inexpensively as possible, so traded for an iBook, G3, 800mhz, 640RAM, 30ghz hard drive. I know it is not a lot, but just wanted to get an idea about MAC, before I totally switched? The iBook is running Panther, now I find out that Adobe lists Tiger, and a G4 system as minimum requirements. I can upgrade to Tiger, but will PSE absolutely not work on my G3 machine? I am currently using XP with an AMD Athalon 1600 chip, not the Pentium 4 Adobe recommends for CS3, and it works fine, so I'm inclined to think that maybe PSE 6.0 will run on a G3 machine, but not being familiar with MAC, I thought I would throw it out to the experts.

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    Adobe most probably uses the Altivec engine built-in to the G4 processor to do some hardware-accelerated image calculations, so it most probably has a check built-in to make sure you have the required processor.

    But perhaps someone with a G3 can test it for you - maybe they're just being a bit cautious.

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