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    Re-occuring iPhoto error message... Any advice?
    I just purchased my second mac (iMac 24" screen) which has finally made me free from windows. So one of my first things I did was put my 10 year 30,000 photo collection into iPhoto... Everything worked fine except I'm having one problem.... Apparently there were 15 files that were messed up and didn't get imported. Thats fine and no big deal, I can do without them. The problem is EVERYTIME I open iPhoto I get the error message....

    Photos have been found in the iPhoto library that were not imported. Would you like to import them?

    This has a yes or no question.... If I say yes, iphoto will create an "album" that is empty with no photos entitled "recovered photos" and give me the error message....

    Unreadable Files
    The following files could not be imported (they may be an unrecognized file type or the files may not contain valid data)

    If I choose NO, then iPhoto will give me this message....

    The photos have been placed in the folder /Users/ks72/Pictures/iPhoto Library Recovered Photos_3.

    I'm find with trashing these photos and you think after iPhoto placed them in the folder it would stop but it happens EVERYTIME I open iPhoto... I found one thing online somewhere that was partially relevant and it said "go into your iphoto library and find the actual data files which might be difficult due to the naming system and delete them" but how do I go INTO the iphoto library. Everytime I go in my pictures folder and click on the iPhoto library it will just open iPhoto....

    Please advise!!! Thank You!

    I am using the latest versions of leopard and iphoto.

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    Right click on iphoto library icon in pictures folder & click on Show Package Contents..there are two folders in which all the photos are stored. one of them is Originals & other one is Modified.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you so much.. That helped me get sent on the right path!!! I finally got it deleted and now my iphoto is happy once again!!

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    Still does not work!
    I manage to find the folders but how can you identify which photo are problematic and delete them?


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    I cant get it to work either...must be me ;-)

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    A photo has been found in the iPhoto library that was not imported.
    Problem: A photo has been found in the iPhoto library that was not imported.

    The solution posted earlier does not seem to work.
    I do not find the folders named "original or Modified", in their places I find a lot more named things like "Import , Master , Previews and Thumbnails all of which contain at least three more folders each and eventually dated folders and all my photo's.

    amongest the Import,Previews etc folders there are other folders such as
    AlbumData.xml, Auto Imports and Contents etc. each of which seem to be empty and blank.
    Furthermore there are what would seem to be 12 white sub folders with names like Info.plist, iPhoto.ipspot and

    All this seems rather confusing to me and I am attempting to teach myself better computer literacy.

    Please any suggests

    Thanking You in Advance.


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