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    Diablo 2 and Expansion with 10.5.3
    Hey everyone. I just bought Diablo 2 and the expansion for my Macbook Pro. The guys at Blizzard said that bugs had been reported to Apple because of a certain error that doesn't allow for Diablo to start under 10.5.3, which was supposed to fix this problem. Does anyone know if Apple is working to fix this and when they might release the solution?

    thanks in advance

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    I don't know if Apple is trying to fix this. The issue is that 10.5.3 removed the 256 palette on Nvidia cards. Diablo 2 and Starcraft both run in 256, so they now can't run. If we're lucky, we'll see a solution in 10.5.4 on July 11.

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    I can still run Starcraft under 10.5.3, I was just running it an hour ago...

    but Diablo may be and probably is different.

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    Go to Post #68 in this thread:

    I have successfully used the method described there to get Diablo II running on my 2008 revision MacBook Pro. Granted, I was using 10.5.2 and thus didn't have to use Pacifist to install the drivers. But it should work for you as well (it seems the 2008 revision MacBook Pros have been using the 10.5.3 video drivers from the start as part of some modified 10.5.2, and that's why those notebooks have always seemingly been unable to play Diablo II at all). Just remember to delete the drivers that need replacing before installing them through Pacifist and the Leopard Graphics Update.

    And kmkl, it's not that the Diablo problem is different, but rather that this is an NVIDIA driver issue, and if I'm not mistaken, your computer has an ATI video card, not an NVIDIA video card.

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