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    Jun 01, 2008
    Age Of Conan
    This Christmas I got a new iMac 20 inch( I thing its 2.4 GHz, it could be 2.66).
    A bunch of my friends are on AOC and i want to know if i can run it. I have an old XP lying around somewhere that i can boot camp, i think.

    Will this work?

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    in boot camp, most definitely

    just make sure your xp disk is SP2

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    Jun 09, 2008
    mine works great ...
    In the open fields hunting i get like 40+ FPS and when i am in a dungeon fighting mobs ... the FPS jumps down to the low 20s and high teens.

    i play for multiple hours and my only concern so far is the operating temperature .... seems that it just gets hot ... so far nothing bad has happened.


    macbook pro 2.4 dual core
    4g DDR3 ram
    256mg 8600m NVidia

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