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    Mac Mail Malfunction
    I'm running OS X 10.5.2 and I am having problems with Mac Mail v3.2.. I'm having a recurring but intermittent problem with it crashing. When it happens my MacBook begins to make a tell tale noise that sounds like the hard drive winding up to high speed. By this time the program is unresponsive. Checking the process of Mail, in activity monitor, it is eating up about 60% of system resources and climbing. I force quit the process to kill it. Any ideas on how to remedy?

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    May want to start with updating to 10.5.3 There is quite a few fixes for various problems.
    Afterwards, repair permissions with Disk Utility. (applications/utilities)

    Look for corrupt preference files with Preferential Treatment. (if any are found, they can be deleted)
    You can also try reinstalling Mail with Pacifist.
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