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    personal web sharing

    just a question to internet users. im using os x 10.4.11. i've enabled personal web sharing via my ethernet. does this mean that other users can see the web pages that im looking at? also how to i go about seeing who's using the internet via my ethernet?

    many thanks.

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    Personal web sharing allows you to use your mac to host pages on the internet using the in built Apache web server.

    It has nothing to do with sharing your web connection, or letting others see where you are browsing

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    I dont know if im using the correct terminology but basically the other people i live with have to access the internet using their airports and via my computer. as our router doesnt have a wireless transmitter the only way we can do it is if one of us plugs directly into the router via USB and allows the other users to share the connection wirelessly. does this then enable the users who are connected to the internet via my computer to view the websites im on. thats my question. hope it helps

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