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    Itunes Window Disappears
    Can anyone help me please - brand new to macs - I have a new imac (leopard) but every time i load a CD into itunes as soon as the import is finished the itunes window disappears. The menu bar is still present but I can't see a window. If I restart my mac the window comes back when i open itunes. I've tried deleting itunes application and reinstalling but it makes no difference - any suggestions.

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    I'd recommend calling Apple or going to your local apple store for help. It sounds like a software issue of some sort, and probably too specific for us to be of much help.
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    Cheers - tried apple support too. It was a "spaces" issue - itunes was previously assigned in space 2 but "spaces" was disabled so window shouldn't have disappeared. Once itunes was deleted from "spaces" all fixed.

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