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    Mail Bug or am I just dumb?
    I have a weird situation here. I have been deleting my Junk Mail by right clicking on my Junk Mail folder and selecting to "Erase Junk Mail."

    A couple days ago, I thought I did this, but I must have accidentally chose a different option. I have three junk mail folders in My main junk mail Folder (for my 3 different email accounts). One of those sub folders now has a triangle next to it as if it has sub folders. However, only the triangle changes directions when I click on it, but nothing else changes. To the right of that subfolder, it says that I have 43 messages in there, but if I click on any of the junk mail folders, I can't get those messages to show.

    The number keeps growing and it is a business junk mail that actually gets quite a few real emails in it. How can I view those messages and get it back to how it was originally? Or maybe this is a bug. Thanks for your help.

    Oh... I am running Mac OSX 10.4.10 and Mail version 2.1.1 on a Mac Pro Quad 2.6 3GB RAM.

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    Click on the Downward pointing arrow by Junk and it will all go away. There is a separate Junk box for each account.

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    Here is a better picture to help show the problem:

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    Well, it doesn't look like anyone on the planet knows what this problem was. I even called Mac Support and they didn't seem to be able to help me either, so I will just have to assume that it is a bug.

    However, I fixed the problem. I deleted that junk mail mail box. The next time that account checked for messages and found junk mail, it added that mailbox back exactly how it was before. Hurray!!!! I just hope that I haven't lost any legitimate business from it (since my 100 emails were lost with the deletion of the folder. I at least hope that this will help somebody down the road who may run into the same issue and so that they can fix it quickly and lose less emails from it then I did.

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