I recently purchased a iMac 24" C2D 2.8ghz, osX 10.5. I love it!
Superdocker worked on my prior system (mac mini CoreDuo, osX 10.5). But on my new iMac, Superdocker does not affect my dock appearance. I change the style. The os asks for my administration password. Superdocker then tells me the dock has been modified. The dock disappears and reappears without any changes. I tried other changes like separator, indicator. Those also do not work.
On the other hand, the 2D vs 3D does work. Other options to start screen, menu bar, finder do work fine.

I tried reinstall and tired repair permissions...same results. Both of my systems are using current Leopard. Although my iMac came with Leopard installed. My other system has my purchased Leopard os.
Why doesn't Superdocker work on my iMac?


Thanks for any insight.