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    Best cord (or wireless) gaming controller for a MacBook?
    I am a big fan of emulators for SNES and NES, etc. I know these are about the only types of gaming I can run minus a few other things on this MacBook. However, I do want to purchase a controller for it so I don't have to hotkey keys on my keyboard and play. Does anyone have any suggestions to certain products or brands of controllers for this?

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    Firstly download Gamepad Companion here.

    That'll allow you to use many different controllers with your mac.
    And here is a list of gamepads that work with this software:

    Gravis Destroyer Tiltpad
    Gravis Eliminator AfterShock Runmble GamePad
    Gravis Eliminator GamePad Pro
    Gravis GamePad Pro USB
    MacAlly iShock
    MacAlly iShock II
    Microsoft SideWinder Game Pad USB
    Microsoft SideWinder plug & Play Game Pad
    Microsoft Stratogoc Commander
    nostrom n50SpeedPad
    Thrustmaster Firestorm Digital 2
    Saitek X45(should work with OS 10.2 but has not been tested yet)
    Saitek P750(Requires OS 10.2 and GamePad Companion 2.1 or later)

    And for my liking I'd stick to SNES 9X for the SNES and Rock Nes for the NES. Though you might like Nestopia too. And most of the above gamepads will work with those emulators. You just have to go to the shops and pick the one from that list you like the most. I think the are all USB or wireless. So they should work just fine.

    Finally, downloading the app here might help you out too.

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