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Thread: Iphoto 08 *Ilife08*

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    Iphoto 08 *Ilife08*

    Having just experienced my NAS throwing its toys out of the pram, I decided to look at the way I back up etc.

    Anyway - one question I do have it iphoto? I seem to have about 10Gb of pictures in there at the moment, so firstly - how can I simply remove any duplicates, because I am sure that I have some?

    But secondly, and most important - how can I backup my iphotos to a external drive or NAS.

    In previous iphoto versions there seemed to be a folder with my photo's in, but this does not seem to be the case in 08?

    Thanks in advance for the replies
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    Your iPhoto library is in /Users/Username/Pictures/iPhoto Library.

    Select the iPhoto library and go to the menu pointed out in this picture (sorry can't remember it's name). Then click on "Show Package Contents". This will open the contents of your iPhoto library. From there you can copy them onto an external drive.

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