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    Can u have like more docks on at the same time? heard about a program but just cant seem to find it again when i want it. my dock has become so filled with things that i whould love having dock on the left and right aswell.

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    Not that I know of, but I do something that I find very helpful in cutting down the size of my dock. For one thing, I only keep applications that I use almost constantly on my Dock. Then, I drag and drop my Applications folder onto the right side of the Dock (near the Trash). This way, when I click on it (in Leopard), it shows a menu with the rest of my Applications. If you're using something older like Tiger, you can still do the same thing, just right-click on it or click and hold to bring the menu up.
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    sorry i didn't see your IM in time yesterday k3rm0r...

    there's an app called todos that you can use that sits in your menu bar that i find occasionally handy. allows access to any or all apps that you want in a little window you can call up by clicking the menu bar icon, or by hotkey.

    and a lot of people here like an app called quicksilver.

    not sure if either work in leopard.
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    i have quicksilver hehe loving it but. sometimes i just want the app in the dock aswell so gues i'll just limit the dock usage a bit hehe

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