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Thread: Copy/Paste Simple Problem...

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    Copy/Paste Simple Problem...
    Hello People and Robots

    I use Word 2004 Mac Edition, and i have a very annoying problem which im sure some of you can help with...

    When copying an image from the Internet, and then pasting into Word, it only pastes the image location (website etc)
    I know that I can go to Paste Special and select Picture instead of Unformatted Text, but this is just long winded and annoying, unlike the simple copy/paste in PC versions of Word.

    PLEASE help if you can, it would save me much time and frustration as Im trying to get this portfolio done in time for my hand in date lol!


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    Is this on your iBook in your profile? What version of OSX just in case. I have Word 2004 installed on my G4 and will give it a try and see what I can come up with.

    I know I can do it fine in Pages in the iWork Suite.

    Let me know what you are running there for a Mac and OS.

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    Alternatively have you tried dragging and dropping the image into word?

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