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    Messenger for Mac - Not connected to internet?
    Hi All,

    This is my first post on here, I got my MacBook Pro 3 weeks before they brought out the brand new version (always the way!), other than the fact that I wished I waited a few weeks I still love this laptop and find Mac OSX to be brilliant.

    I have only had one problem with my MBP since getting it and that is connecting to a MSN Service.

    I have tried all the programs available and can only connect using Adium using the HTTP protocol.

    Now this works ok for just chatting, but I send used to do a lot of file transfers and web conferencing with friends from other countries on MSN and these are pretty much impossible at the moment.

    When I initiate a file transfer in Adium I get max 2.7kb/s transfer speed which is impossible to work with.

    I know its nothing to do with my router or internet provider as my mate bought a new white Macbook last night, then he connected straight to Messenger for Mac using my Wifi with no problems.

    I am new to the Mac world and am a very competent PC user, so now I am stuck with ideas on how to fix this problem.

    Does anyone have any ideas for me?


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    Nevermind I found it!

    PeerGuardian blocks microsoft....oops!

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    Glad you figured it out, but you should consider Adium instead! It's open-source, multi-protocol and has lots of really awesome features. It doesn't yet support the current version of the MSN/WLM protocol (so no Yahoo buddies, status messages, offline messaging) but development for this is in progress.
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    Yeah I do like Adium but it is not yet up to doing what I need from it.

    Only reason I asked the above question is because I do a lot of file transfers to mates and wanted the speed to be sorted.

    But now I have sorted out PeerGuardian everything else I have had problems with now work!

    My Router used to display my MBP as 'Unknown' but now it displays it as 'PR-MacBookPro'. So means my router isn't randomly blocking my MBP anymore!

    Once Adium is more developed then I will delete Messenger for Mac and use Adium as my main.

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    hi i am in the same position as reesie. i also recently purchased a macbook pro. i am also quite an experienced pc user after having used windows for over 10 years. i have the same problem where i keep on receiving a message telling me i am not connected to the internet when trying to log in. i have also tried adium and that too does not connect to msn. whereas yahoo seems to work perfectly fine from adium. i would appreciate any help on this problem.

    thanks in advance to any suggestions.

    ps. on my pc messenger works fine

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    Check your network settings (pac file, proxy eg).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alien891 View Post
    Check your network settings (pac file, proxy eg).
    sorry I have just started using macs, so how would I go about checking my pac files. I dont have a proxy server so I dont think its that.

    Also I dont know if this has anything to do with it but when I checked the attatched devices in my router settings I saw my pc name with its mac number and then my macbook is listed but as an unknown device and only shows the mac number. I have a Netgear DG834GT ADSL router.

    Thanks for any help

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