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    May 22, 2008
    Entourage 2004 Connection issues connecting to exchange 2003
    First and foremost, I am both brand new to Macs and to this forum! So far I am enjoying the Mac as a whole.

    I am trying to get my Entourage clients to play with the exchange server. The Issue is that entourage just doesn't see the exchange server. I am fairly certain i am doing everything correctly yet it just gives me an error saying it cannot see it.

    Does the mac need to be added to the domain, meaning should i be logging into the domain at logon? , (is that even possible)?

    Is there something i have to do on the server side? or does this sound like an issue on the client side?

    Currently i am running parrallels desktop with outlook on this machine and that works fine.

    If I missed anything, I will get more details on this thread!

    Thanks In advance.

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    May 22, 2008
    Problem Solved!!

    I Kept playing around with the settings in Entourage, changing one thing after another until i got one step further.

    Here is what i did to resolve my problem:

    First on the server end of things two things must be enabled for entourage to work correctly: LDAP and WebDAV

    LDAP: Unfortunately this was all ready setup on the server, so i don't know how to install this.

    WebDAV: This is a plugin you have to install through add/remove windows components on the server. it is under IIS.

    Under Tools > Accounts:
    I created a new exchange account (actually i edited the previous one i had created but thats not required)

    I clicked configure manually. On the account settings area filled out these things:

    Name: <Your name (how you want it to appear in someone else's inbox)>
    E-Mail Address: <the email address you are trying to set-up>

    Account ID: < <domain>\<username> >
    Domain: <I Left this blank> - This is where i was running into my problems.
    Password: <password> - Check the save password

    Exchange Server: Here is another area that was throwing me off...
    I ended up having to type in the Web address of the Outlook Web Client in the area. (this is what i i believe the webDAV plugin assists with.)
    so an example should be: http://mail.<server>.com

    Check off the next few boxes if they apply yo you.

    Next tab i left default.

    Under the Advanced Tab:

    I had to use the IP addresses for the servers tying out the server names and domains was another problem Entourage was having.

    The public folders server: <Ip address of the Mail server> (or the ip address of where you access your public folders from)
    -Again check off the next two boxes if they apply to you.

    The LDAP server: <IP Address of the LDAP Server> (it will most likely be on the Primary Domain Controller or the Mail Server)
    - Check off the next few boxes if they apply to you.
    - Search base: I left mine blank but if you know what need to go there fill that out.

    The rest of the tabs i left default.

    Hope this helps anyone... cause i searched the web for days looking for these answers. some i found, others i did myself by trial and error in the program.

    Anyways good luck!

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