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    WoW for XP or OSX?
    Will it run better in XP or OSX in terms of FPS, disconnects, etc? I recall on my MBP it was running at an average of 30 and would drop sometimes, or rise. I assume for such a needless game that should be better? I know most settings were on there highest but still...

    Oh btw its an entry level macbook pro with all latest updates and 2.2 Core2 DUO Intel. 128MB Graphics card (2008 model), and 2GB ram.

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    WoW gets better performance under Windows XP. That said, full screen glow and antialiasing on OS X are buggy, so if you just shut off/turn down those two options, the Mac version's framerate will dramatically improve.

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    I have all my graphics setting on the highest and I get anywhere from 60-120 FPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheInvsbleMan View Post
    I have all my graphics setting on the highest and I get anywhere from 60-120 FPS

    I average 80 FPS, but i rarely see it dip below 60.

    I run it in OS X.

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