In anticipation of the Apple 3G iPhone, I've decided to sort out my address book once and for all. At the moment it's a bit all over the place.

I was wondering if someone here could help me with a couple commands that might speed up the laborious process of editing each address card individually.

I have 160 contacts from the same company, therefore, the address, and company name need to be the same for all. Yes I can copy each field (street, suburb, state, post code, country) individually, then paste individually into the next card. But this will take forever. Question: Is there a way to copy company name, or address from one card, and paste it to several other cards simultaneously and correctly?

Majority of the cards have a 'note', which are all now void and incorrect. Question: Is there a way to do a mass delete of all notes? Similar to iTunes, multiple song info change?

Thank you very much for any help!