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    Is there any way that you can split up connections between internet access and Transmission torrent downloads? Like I want to download torrents only on a wireless connection, and with my wired connection, I want to use Connect360 to stream media to my XBOX 360. The wireless I am using is my neighbors, whom I have gotten permission from, and I only want to watch videos on my 360 with the wired connection. Is this possible?


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    There's probably a better solution, but offhand, I suppose what you could do is have two users logged in simultaneously using Fast User Switching. Have the Airport enabled on one user, disabled on the other, and split up your tasks accordingly between the users.

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    Go to preferences, and then "Bandwidth" tab. Reduce the speed down a little bit to allow more bandwidth to connect to your 360. Is that what you were asking?
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    lifeisabeach, I wish that would work, but when you disable the wireless on one user, it disables it on both of them. Any more ideas??

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