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    is there an offline librarian for OSX?
    I am looking for software that will allow me to search for files that are saved on external hard drives without having to be connected to them. I want to be able to locate a file from a kind of virtual index of the hard drive - ideally the file structure and search functions would resemble OSX, except it would only have names of files, not the data itself. then, when I know which hard drive the desired file is on, i can plug in just that drive and retrieve the file. make sense? there's something for PC called datacatcher that seems to do this; haven't found anything for mac. thanks for any help!

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    I think you can do it with a program called DiskCatalogMaker. I use the program for CDs and DVDs, but it can also catalog hard drives, so it should work. It's shareware ($19) and you can try a fully working version first. It's frequently updated and the best disk cataloging program that I've tried.

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    thanks for advice!
    I have, since posting, come across a program called disk librarian, which works very well so far. only have had one issue with it not recognizing or being able to index a drive. all other drives are fine. so far. I will look into this suggestion, though. thanks! - m.

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