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    Apr 01, 2008
    15" Matte Macbook Pro 2.5Ghz 4gb RAM 250gb HD, 60gb iPod Classic maxed, iPod shuffle
    Anyone know of any programs or games or something that will keep me entertained for awhile (offline too so I don't need an internet connection)
    Loving my MBP more and more everyday

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    Strange post...but at least you aren't trolling. I suggest:
    • Songbird - Free (as in "speech") music player resembling iTunes
    • GIMP - Free (as in "speech") image editor, kinda like Photoshop
    • SuperTux - 2D sidescroller game featuring Tux the Linux penguin
    • Quinn - Tetris clone
    • MegaMan Effect - Most awesomely useless application ever
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