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Thread: Opening a corrupt Stuffit Archive

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    Opening a corrupt Stuffit Archive

    first off, I apologize if I started my very first post asking a question that's been answered on another thread... I really did look! honest!

    ok, so I have a HUGE (8Gb) .sit file that I cannot open. The error message it gives is:

    "An error occured attempting to expand
    The archive may contain damaged content
    Error #17538"

    does anybody have any ideas for salvaging this file?
    or know of any company that provides this service?

    (seeing how I've seen forensic shows where people have gotten files off of hard disks that were burned, buried, underwater and befouled - I've gotta believe there's SOMETHING out there to rescue my wayward Stuffit file!)

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    What apps have you tried opening it with? Just stuffit expander? Try a few of the other compatible apps.. ("The Unarchiver" is one I know of....)

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    Are you using the latest version of stuffit expander - try that first

    otherwise give this app a go - good luck

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    thanks - yeah, I gave Unarchiver a shot - but it was a no-go
    my Stuffit expander is 12.0.1
    I tried UnRarx - on the off-chance it would recognize a Stuffit archive
    OpenUp is another one I gave a shot to

    I'm even ftping up the file so that I can move it around a bit and try it on some Windows applications!

    sigh - if only Jack Bauer would lend Cloe to me for a half a day

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    8 GB Stuffit File not able to open

    According to Smithmicro..
    The files having size more than 2 GB is not oftenly able to open and is not gaurnteed to be stable.

    Vishal Singh Bhardvaj

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