I'm running a Mac Pro OS X 10.4.11, 6 GB memory.

I'm having problems with Dashboard, Safari and the FTP app Transmit.

Dashboard and Transmit act very similar, so I'll start with them.

When I use F12, dashboard opens the few widgets I have there show up, but with no content and everything freezes, if I don't touch anything, about 30 seconds to a minute will go by and then it loads and things go back to "normal".

If I then close it and open it again, all is well.
I did this about an hour ago and when I tried it again now it did it again.

Transmit acts the same way. It opens fine, but when I connect to a site, it locks up but after 15 to 20 seconds it connects and it's fine. If I close it and open it again, it will connect quickly as it's supposed to.

Now Safari, here is where I noticed the problem first.

Safari takes a good 30 seconds to open and the the apple start page takes another 20 seconds to load. After closing it and opening it again, it opens quicker, but still takes a long time for the apple page to load.

I've had this machine for nearly a year without a problem and I've been using Safari 3 since it came out and just last week this started to happen.

As far as I know all of my other apps work fine, Firefox, Adobe products etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

- D