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    MacBook - Photoshop Elements and Word
    Daughter is heading off to college so we got her
    a MacBook laptop (OS10.5) at a good deal.
    She is switching from a PC.
    I have an old version of Photoshop Elements which
    is not working on her new laptop
    so we need to buy her Elements - she just
    needs it for simple Photosop stuff - so looking
    to get the cheapest.
    Also, she needs Word
    what and where is the best program I can get her.
    Thanks for the help!

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    For her WORD work, try NeoOffice. It is free and totally compatible with WORD. Get it here:

    For photos, will iPhoto not suit her needs? Lots of editing capabilities there, and it comes with your computer (though upgrades down the road do cost). I fine iPhoto does everything that I need to do, and organizes beautifully as well.

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    Annie, The new version 6 of Elements is $90, but here's a full version of Elements 4 for $67, probably plus $6-8 S&H - that would save a little, but it's not the newest...

    Hurry if you want it, they claim only 1 left in stock...


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