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    Anybody have this problem with Word 2008?
    This is extremely weird.

    Computer Specs: 24" iMac w/ OSX and Office 2008

    I was prompted to download the most recent office security update for Office '08, so I did. Now, every time I open a .doc document word opens up to a blank new document. I cannot see the document in word. The strange thing is if I highlight the file and hit spacebar I can view the whole document in the viewer, so I know it is there. I can also open it with textedit perfectly fine. All .docx documents open perfect. This just started happening after this new stupid security update.

    Any thoughts?


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    thats right I have the same problem after the sp1 update. Its not a showstopper bug so I will just wait for the fix from Microsoft.

    Btw you should have posted this in the Application and Games sub-forum.
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    Note moved to a better forum.
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    I have the same problem - Word documents open blank
    The problem occurs when I double-click on a .doc file in Finder.
    I applied SP1 soon after switching to the Mac, so I don't know when this
    problem started. As reported, it seems to relate to .doc files produced
    by PC versions (or perhaps older PC versions) of Word. I can circumvent it
    by launching Word 2008, then invoking File/Open... That opens the file
    correctly. I cannot understand how Microsoft didn't find this problem
    before releasing SP1.

    -Marc Levoy
    Stanford University

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