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Thread: MS Streets & Trips of Similar for Mac?

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    MS Streets & Trips of Similar for Mac?
    I generally use google maps, but from time to time when im on the road, and dont have internet, i have to pull out my computer and get directions. Is there any software similar to Microsoft Streets & Trips for Mac?

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    That is the one area that I find has no equal. I used Delorme Street Atlas extensively on my PC, but unfortunately the have stopped developing for macs. The one program I know of is called Route 66, and it really sucks (I have a copy I'd love to get rid of!). Supposed to do the same things as the other programs, but is really bad at it. If you are looking for a GPS app, I understand Route Buddy is good, but what I need is street level mapping, address finding, etc., and there just is not anything good out there for macs (unless something came up since I last looked -- maybe so -- maybe this thread will unearth something good).


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