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    Unhappy Question about programs.
    Hello. I just bought my first MacBook a week ago and am new to all things Mac. I'm so happy I've made the switch from PC but I really miss the program I used to use to create business letters, invitation, all sorts of documents. I think it was called Microsoft Works. Do I have anything like that on my new MacBook? I've looked at what I think is all my programs, I especially love iDVD and iMovie but I can't seem to find anything to help me write a business letter. I apologize for my inexperience. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    There should be a trial of the iWork suite in your Applications folder (the application you're looking for in particular is called "Pages", which is part of that suite). That should be able to do the things that Works did for you (which is also an "extra cost" item on Windows).
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    Try neooffice? I think that may have something just like that. It is a free open source program.
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