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    Is .mac worth it?
    Hi i'm new to the mac and i was looking at the .mac thingy. so my question is, is it worth the money?

    i do have a library of photos that i share with my "remote" famuly so i can see the benefit of letting them be able to view my photos and i thiers. but apart from that i can't really see much more my hard earnt cash is being spent on.

    so can someone out there "sell" .mac and put it in laymans terms for a mac virgin.


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    I personally think $99 a year is ridiculous, so I said forget it, and just upload my photos to Photobucket, which is free, and can do bulk uploads.

    There has been an outcry for Apple to divide up certain .mac services at cheaper rates, but it looks like Apple will continue to market it as a complete package.

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    I pay for it, I like it. If the services are worth it to you then the cost is worth it to you. For every person that answer will be different.
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    If you have one Mac, or even two. No. If you have many, and travel, then it could be
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    I don't see any point to it. Its price per feature isn't good enough to entice me. I'd rather spend the $100/yr and get real webhosting where I can do anything I want with it.
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    I would say "Yes". The annual cost for me is peanuts since I really like having the .Mac email addy. In addition, I also like the features in iWeb '08 only available with a .Mac account. To learn more about the features I referenced, go to Apple's web site to learn more.
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    I have .mac. I haven't used it for iWeb yet but I do use it for sharing my videos. The quality of video blows away youtube and google video. I also use it for sharing photos. People can view your photo in a cover flow like presentation. Also there is a great deal of speculation that .mac is going to be seeing some major changes.

    I also use it to sync notes within mail app and iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by CL33Zero View Post
    If you have one Mac, or even two. No. If you have many, and travel, then it could be
    I also use the service, and have two Macs, the sync services works great. Many of us started when it was free, got my .mac email, and never wanted to change it, so I pay every year. As with everything, if you plan to take advantage of all the services, then yes it is worth it. The reliable of the service is excellent, and seldom goes down.

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    Beddy I think it is no doubt great in you are in the States. For us in UK and Australia no.

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