I have a MacBook running OSX, latest install of Itunes. I successfully transferred my Itunes Library over to my external drive (I believe). Now I want to know, how do I go about renaming and rearranging all those files? Because now I have several files labeled "unknown" filled with Gunsmoke OTR episodes, misc. preaching mp3s, misc. mp3s, and the like- plus all the files with 2 or 3 versions of someone's name with different items in each, and so on. What a mess. What I want to do is organize the files by category (OTR, Preaching, Kids' Music, My Music, Children's Audiobooks, My Audiobooks, etc etc) and then subfolders of OTR series or "artist", and so on.

I'm concerned that if I go and just go to my external drive and start rearranging, relabeling, etc to my satisfaction, all I'll end up with is a mess that ITunes won't be able to read and I'll have to undo it all. However, as it is, I can hardly find anything! Let alone figure out where to store the NEW stuff!

Please help?? Thank you!!!!