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    Call of Duty with a Logitech Dual Pad Controller?
    Hey all, sorry, but Ive tried searching for days, and cant really find a solid solution to my problem. I have a Macbook-Dual 2.16G, 2 gig Ram, ect that is pretty new. I have COD2 (soon to have COD4) and I bought this Logitech controller to use instead of key-and-mouse. Ive tried Controllermate, which seems pretty complicated after assigning simple buttons, as in the thumbsticks.
    Gamepad companion, which seems to be simple, but I cant figure out at all. I even tried the xbox 360 controller, and wouldnt even see it with the 360 software. And USB Overdrive, which Ive gotten the farthest with, but with the free trial version, it recognizes all the buttons, except for the Up-Down of the right thumbstick. If I knew it recognized it on the full version, Id buy it. All I want to do is assign the mousepad to the right thumbstick, and I cant figure this out. Sorry for the long post, and help would be VERY appreciated.

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    none yet, but hoping for Al MB 2.0GHz
    I'm kinda having the same problem,
    I need a list of commands for the ps2 controller for cod4 so I can assign the buttons correctly in gamepad companion, in particular, the left and right analogue sticks and their sensitivity. Any help would be great! Cheers

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